Vegas Baby! Film (100cm)

Vegas Baby! Film (100cm)

VEGAS BABY!!! Loads of detail in multiple layers makes this Las Vegas inspired film one to try! Cards, Fruit Machines, Jokers and some Skulls give it a slightly darker edge with an undeniable Las Vegas theme.

Film Width: 100cm

Recommended Basecoat: Your imagination is the only limit. Looks amazing straight over white with no frills, and equally cool with a coloured or pearl base. For the ultimate look, try a coarse silver with a candy clearcoat!

All hydrographics film is sold per linear metre and supplied in one continuous length. The measurement in the description is the roll width, so if you order 3 of a 50cm film you will receive a single roll, 3m long and 50cm wide. Order 2 of a 100cm film and you will receive a single roll, 2m long, 1m wide. We always roll film, never fold it, and it is supplied in a sealed plastic sleeve to protect it from moisture.

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  • GB £8.25
  • 5 or more GB £7.90
  • 10 or more GB £7.50

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