Steel Raptor Film (100cm)

Steel Raptor Film (100cm)

Have you ever wished that you could find a checkerplate film that's not so boring?

Well this is the one for you!

Checkerplate with layers of tears and metal plate.

Recommended Base: White or Silver

All hydrographics film is sold per linear metre and supplied in one continuous length. The measurement in the description is the roll width, so if you order 3 of a 50cm film you will receive a single roll, 3m long and 50cm wide. Order 2 of a 100cm film and you will receive a single roll, 2m long, 1m wide. We always roll film, never fold it, and it is supplied in a sealed plastic sleeve to protect it from moisture.

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  • GB £8.25
  • 5 or more GB £7.90
  • 10 or more GB £7.50

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