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Old School v2 Film (100cm)

-39% Old School v2 Film (100cm)

This is a slight rework of our OS1 - Old School (100cm) Film. There were a couple of reversed text items in the old pattern so we fixed it, and added some sharp crisp images to replace the slightly blurry parts of the film too.  The issues are fixed, but the overall style and look is the same, so if you have previously dipped something in the original, and the customer wants more, they'll never know the difference!

Hot Rods, rockabilly retro old-school design. Black only film, single colour so it will work over any basecoat or with any candy. Looks particularly clean when over a simple white base, then cleared. The graphics are strong, crisp and multi-directional so while you might want to try to get certain parts of the design on a part, pretty much any angle will work well.

We love this film so much, we put it all over one of our office computers!

Film Width: 100cm

Recommended Basecoat: Your imagination is the only limit (but we DO like it on plain white!).

All hydrographics film is sold per linear metre and supplied in one continuous length. The measurement in the description is the roll width, so if you order 3 of a 50cm film you will receive a single roll, 3m long and 50cm wide. Order 2 of a 100cm film and you will receive a single roll, 2m long, 1m wide. We always roll film, never fold it, and it is supplied in a sealed plastic sleeve to protect it from moisture.

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