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Lightning Storm Film (100cm)

Lightning Storm Film (100cm)

The mother of all lightning films!!! The existing patterns with the red pink blue and green in them need to go run for mommy - the detail in this is off the scale compared to the cartoony look of the other films - plus with it being clear and black, you can put whatever colour you like under the film!

Recommended Base: White or Silver for true lightning, but you can experiment for all kinds of cool effects!

We have also had this film produced in reverse! Now you can get silver or white lightning on a mainly clear background so you can add these incredibly detailed lightning bolts over any base colour you choose, or even over a different pattern via a double-dip.

All hydrographics film is sold per linear metre and supplied in one continuous length. The measurement in the description is the roll width, so if you order 3 of a 50cm film you will receive a single roll, 3m long and 50cm wide. Order 2 of a 100cm film and you will receive a single roll, 2m long, 1m wide. We always roll film, never fold it, and it is supplied in a sealed plastic sleeve to protect it from moisture.

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  • GB £5.75
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  • 10 or more GB £4.95

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