Free Shipping Changes

Posted by Richard 01/11/2017 2 Comment(s)

Due to prices increases with shipping costs we have unfortunately​ removed the free shipping option for orders between £35-£64.99

So instead of adding the extra costs on to the shipping, we have just removed the 3-5 day free option.

We still offer free next day shipping via UPS but now on orders above £70. These are our recommended shippers.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.




2 Comment(s)

donavon townsend:
04/11/2017, 12:09:38 PM

Hi I'm a new customer an I have made a purchase for over £100 it states that orders over £70 are shipped free however I was charged over £8, have I miss read something or has there been an error. Redards. Don

Richard Calam:
29/11/2017, 03:56:53 PM

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. The free shipping option would of been underneath the normal shipping rate.

Lukas Lukosevicius:
11/01/2020, 04:52:46 PM,

There is no option for free shipping for orders over 70

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