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About Us

Hydro Monkeys Ltd used to be called Bus Monkeys Ltd., a small company run by twin brothers Ian and Peter Collinson and a few years later Richard Calam.

Their original main line of business was the restoration of classic 60's and 70's VW Buses or Campers or whatever you choose to call them, along with other cars like the iconic Beetle, Carmen Ghia, and more recently, Frogeye sprites.

We got into hydrographics mainly as a side-line for no better reason than they thought it looked pretty cool and wanted to have a go and they planned for it to be a fun extra source of business and revenue.

 In next to no time, the Hydrographic Dipping was overtaking the vehicle restorations, and then they decided that they didn't want to settle for the films already available, we wanted to do more - and this led us to start developing our own films, and Stickerbomb was born.

We now have over 20 custom films in a wide variety of designs, and we have no plans to stop there - our goal is to produce, on average, a new film every month or so - to keep it fresh and unique and to keep pushing those limits.

The film sales and distribution (we have distributors in the USA, Canada, and Australia) is now the main part of the business, although we still do the occasional bus or car, and are constantly dipping items for a wide range of customers.

We have lots of plans for the future, not limited to a range of seriously cool custom paints, even more custom films, and to get our existing portfolio of work even further out there - we set up distributors all over the world so that our customers can get our products without having to pay huge shipping costs and that's the way we're going to keep moving forward. Customer first - after all, without you guys, we wouldn't have a business at all, and we'll NEVER forget that!

We are still a relatively small company, but we're growing almost daily and will continue to do so as long as you guys support us.